Spotify Premium APK Download For Android Latest Version

In the world, of music and albums, there are lots of platforms that offer you millions of songs and many more facilities. One of the music platforms is Spotify. Spotify Premium APK is the best way to listen to music. It is available on every device that can play music, from your desktop pc to tablet, from iPod or mp3 to Chromecast or TV.


Spotify Premium APK

Spotify Premium APK is web app so it can be used anywhere anytime. Spotify has millions of song on it, from old favourites to the latest hits, from pop music to rock music, it has all genres of music available on it. You can get all of them at the single touch.

Spotify Premium APK is an open platform which allows creators to connect with their fans. Anyone can use Spotify Premium APK to share their album creation or music creation and get to know about their listeners and also manage your profile. To know every part and feature of Spotify APK, please go to the next topic.

Features of Spotify: Features given by Spotify are

Audio Quality Altering: Spotify Premium lets you alter the audio quality of your music. You can choose the high quality or low quality. It allows you to save your data usage. You can find the right sound with the equalizer.

View Lyrics: While listening to the music you can view the lyrics of the song. This feature is beneficial while listening to rap or screaming part of a song. This feature is provided in association with Genius. You can find lyrics of many of your favourite songs. If you don’t find the lyrics of any song then you can download an app named SoundHound. It will have the lyrics of your music album.

Spotify Radio: If you want to listen to your favourite music and let the app decide the music for you then you are in search of Spotify Radio. This option picks the music of your choice and also enables you to personalize according to your taste. You just have to create a Radio station with any song, artist, album, or playlist and Spotify will play music based on them. There is also a feature of saving the radio station so you can get to listen to the same category of the song later on.

Personal Music and Library: Like the playlist in another music app, Spotify Premium APK allows you to maintain a library of your music. This library contains the songs you have played, your daily mix, artists you follow, music you’ve saved, playlist you created or you follow, local files, Spotify radio station and many more. This library can contain up to 10000 songs and albums which is awesome.



Listen Offline: If you are going offline or you don’t have data, and you are in a public wifi area then you can save the songs you like and play them offline. You can download any song of your choice.

Play your Queue and History: If you can’t remember the name of the song you just played or you played the previous day, then you can search it in the queue. Queue maintains the song you played. You can also manage the upcoming songs you want to play and in what order they come.

Podcasts: If you update in the current world then you may have heard about the term podcasts. Podcasts are the audio files that are available to download on your device to listen. They are generally available in series. If you subscribed them, then you can get them as soon as they  upload.

So on Spotify Premium APK, you can get featured and recommended episodes. You can browse them by categories, save them offline, and stream to other devices using Spotify Connect.

Sort and Filter: You can sort down your library and playlists accordingly. Afterwards, you can use filtered searches to find what you are looking for quickly.

Daily Mix: Songs you listen, or you like or shared makes up your daily mix. The daily mix is the lined up tracks ready for you according to your taste. It grows with you that is as your taste of songs will evolve, this list will also lengthen.

How To Get Spotify Premium APK:

If you are now excited about the app after knowing its features then you can download the Spotify Premium APK. You can download it from the following links which are distributed as per the devices:

  • Windows PC:
  • Mac PC:
  • Android:
  • Web Player:

How To Use Spotify Premium APK:

Now I think that you have downloaded the Spotify Premium APK and installed it on your device. Follow the following steps carefully.

  1. At First, you have to register your account on Spotify Premium APP. If you already have an account then just log in to it. If you want to use the email id facebook or Gmail, then you also use them to create an account or log into it.
  2. Then your Spotify is set up. There will be the search bar on the home screen.
  3.  Afterwards, type the name of any song in the search bar and press enter or search.
  4. A bunch of songs will appear related the keywords you typed. Finally, select click on any song to play it.


If you want to create a playlist then follow the following steps:

  1. At First, open the playlist page in the left of the home screen.
  2. Then click on “+ New Playlist.”
  3. Now app will ask you the name of the playlist you want to keep. You can even describe the playlist you are creating and set an image for it.
  4. Afterwards, filling all the details click on the create button.
  5. Now go the songs you want to add to the playlist. Then open the options list of the song. Search for Add To Playlist, and click on the name of the playlist you want to add the song into.
  6. To play the playlist, finally, open it, and click on play button.

How to get Spotify Premium APK for Android:

There are various features in Spotify that are only available for its premium users. When you create your Spotify account, you get the free trial of its premium version for 30 days. Afterwards, you have to manually subscribe to its premium version. Features that are available for Spotify Premium APK users are:

  • Shuffle play
  • Ad-free
  • Unlimited skips
  • Listen offline
  • Play any track
  • High-quality audio

If you are using Spotify and interested in having its premium version then follow the following steps:

  1. At First, open the Spotify app that you have downloaded from the Play Store.
  2. Then log in to it if you’re not.

iii.    Afterwards, tap ‘Your Library’ in the lower-right corner.

  1. Tap ‘Settings’ icon in the upper-right corner.
  2. Click on ‘Go Premium.’
  3. Tap ‘Start My 7 Day Trial’. If you’ve already used the trial, then the option may label as ‘Get 1 Month For $9.99’.

vii.    Then you will see the payment option. Now, Tap on the payment option you are comfortable with, i.e., credit/ debit card, PayPal, etc.

viii.    Entered all the information asked in payment fields.

  1. Scroll down and tap ‘Start My Spotify Premium APK’.

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Q. What do I do to listen to the similar artist if my phone connects to the Bluetooth in my car?

A. Press the three small dots on the side of the song of the artist. Then you will find similar music too. Now, “go to radio,” and there you will have similar artists and songs to listen via Bluetooth.

Q. How can I share my playlist with other Spotify user?

A. You can share your playlist by scanning a code. To share a playlist long tap the playlist until a pop up comes. In that pop-up search for share option. After you have opened the pop-up menu, you can share using either of the methods mentioned here.

Q. How to download any song?

A. This feature is only available in Spotify Premium APK. To download the song select the songs you want to download and slide the button Available offline to the right. And, your music will start downloading, and green arrows will display after you download the song.

Q. How can I get Spotify for Artist app?

A. Right now Spotify for Artist app is only available for iOS users. So, if you want to have Spotify for an artist, you should have an iPhone, iPad or a Mac pc.

Q. How can I see stats for my releases?

A. To look at the stats just open the app and heads to the stats tab. After your new music drops, you will see your total number of streams grow in real time for 7 days.